Friday, February 13, 2009

Chester Cheetah


You are nearly 10 months old. Everytime you smile, it warms my heart. You are the best little boy in the whole world. You play nicely by yourself, but also love to have Daddy and I there to see your accomplishments, cheering you on. You are looking more and more like a toddler, and less like my little baby. I love to see you grow. Your top two teef are coming in too. Daddy teases you and tells you that you are going to have buck teef, but I set him straight. Don't worry, mummy has your back. You are a good sleeper. A good napper. But, we have to work on this food thing. All you want to eat are Gerber Cheese Puffs. You would eat them at every meal if we let you...and I must admit, sometimes we do because we want you to eat and that is the only thing you will eat. When feeding you dinner, I have to give you puffs and sneak in bites of peas or carrots while you are opening up to insert another Cheese Puff. I try to be sneaky, but you usually catch me and cram the puff in before I get a chance. I cherish every moment I have with you even when you are grumpy. You make the cutest grumpy face, its hard to get mad. I know you are so close to walking. You pull up on everything. You have also taken a few steps here and there on your own. I think you forget that we are not holding your hand. As soon as you realize you are on your own, you sit down and wait for us to come over and hold you hand. I must admit, I am in no hurry for you to walk. I want you to stay my little baby forever. Everyday you do something new that amazes your daddy and I. I can't wait for tomorrow. We love you more than words can ever describe and are so proud that you are our son.

Mum and Dad

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Juliana said...

Oh babe! This is sooooo sweet!