Friday, February 27, 2009

Its the small things

I remember a time long, long (10 months) ago, when I didn't have to make plans to swing by the grocery store, clean the house, or take a nap. Once you have a baby, you have to plan ahead for everything. For instance, last night I was appalled at how dirty my house had become in the past two weeks. I was so busy planning and then attending my husbands surprise party, I have not cleaned the house in two weeks. With three dogs and baby, two weeks is an eternity for not cleaning. But, nonetheless, we were discussing on how I was going to be able to get this big mess clean without having to worry about the baby. So, my husband agreed that he would take the baby for four hours so I can madly clean our disgusting house on day off. HA!

My point to this blog is this: before kids your life is easy. You do as you want, say what you want, take a nap when you want, clean, drink, eat, play...all at your own leisure. Its truly amazing how this completely changes once there is a baby in the picture. It also suprises me that when I was discussing having a baby with my friends, somehow, they forgot to mention this huge change I would incur....those bitches.

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Juliana said...

Haha! Amen sister!! I cannot believe how selfish we were before having kids without even realizing it..