Friday, March 13, 2009

My Husband is my Hero

A few days ago, my husband and I were watching the local news. There was a special report on a man that lost his electric wheelchair in a fire. To give you a little background on the man involved in the fire:

The man named "Rad" was not always confined to a wheelchair. Four years ago, he was working as a cashier in a local convenience store, when two robbers shot him. He lived, but was rendered a quadriplegic. Then only four short years later, he was driving down the road when his van caught fire. Because he had no use of his body from the chest down, he had to throw himself, literally, out of the van to keep from burning to death. Three passersby came to his rescue, by pulling him out of harm's way. However, because of the fire, he lost his electric wheelchair. This poor man must have the worst luck possible...or nine lives.

So, while watching this news story, my husband remembered the electric wheelchair that has been sitting in our garage for two years. (It belonged to his deceased grandmother) He made mention during the late night news special, that we should give that man the wheelchair, but I didn't think twice about it after that night. Then, the very next day, my husband, determined to be the good person that he has always been, called the news studio. Yesterday, with the help of the news studio, my husband delivered the chair to Rad, charged and freshly cleaned.

I can honestly say, I am married to the most generous man I have ever met. It makes me realize that his heart is truly made of gold. After all, I personally didn't think twice about helping this man, when I knew I could have easily done the same as my husband...I just didn't make the time. Make the time to help another human who is laying at the bottom of the barrel. I learned a lot yesterday. I learned that no matter how busy we are, no matter what the stress or burden we are carrying, there is always time to help another human. I am so honored that he picked me to be his wife.

You can read the article and view the news clip here: NBC NEWS ARTICLE