Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I am a little confused...just a month or so ago my son was a sweet, smiling, pooping baby. He cried when hungry, fussed when sleepy and was generally a pretty predictable and innocent baby. Now, just 14 months old, my child has the attitude of a hormone raging 15 year old. God forbid I try to force him to eat something other than cheese puffs. He slams his head against the back of the wooden high chair so hard and fast, I worry about him getting a concussion. He twists, turns and screams when he is not getting something that he wants, whether a pair of scissors or simply a plastic ball that has rolled under the cabinet. Call me crazy, but I thought this wasn't supposed to happen for at least another year.

Despite his occasional (and I do mean occasional because we are suckers) attitude, he has the most compensating factors. He loves to push things around. We bought him a toy lawnmower recently because we were tired of him rearranging the living room furniture. He pushes that thing all over the house. I only wish I could teach him to work the vacuum cleaner. He also sleeps on a big boy cot at school. This, to me, is a true miracle. His daycare actually gets 8 toddlers to lie down on cots, without wooden bars surrounding the perimeter, and sleep for 2 hours everyday...AT THE SAME TIME. They all sleep. And it is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. I had the daycare provider email me a picture of said miracle, because I didn't believe her when she told me.


He has the ability to make me smile, when I feel like crying. I love him so very much it aches. I truly believe the saying, "to have a child, is to wear your heart on your sleeve".

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Curiosity said...

I remember having a little red shopping cart that I pushed EVERYWHERE as a child. Seriously, it made it into at least half of my childhood photos, regardless of location. There's me at the family gathering with my shopping cart, there's me at the animal shelter with my shopping cart, there's me at the dentist... Come to think of it, I think the only thing I don't have a picture of is me doing anything related to shopping.

At any rate, sorry to hear that your little one has hit the teenage years a little early. If it helps any, maybe he'll have passed the dyed hair and tattoos phase by five and by the time he hits his actual fifteen he'll just be talking about the "good old days" and playing shuffleboard on weekends.

Everybody knows the teens who play shuffleboard are the popular ones anyway.