Sunday, March 21, 2010


So. My updating has become scarce. I must admit, there isn't much time for anything these days, epecially a spare minute to sit down and write. But, here I am. A gorgeous Sunday afternoon on the porch with my laptop. Levi, quietly napping upstairs. He has become such a grown up toddler. Talking more and more everyday. Everyday a new word or phrase comes out of his mouth. He never stops talking and learning. It is so amazing to see the new things that he learns and the expression on his face when he figures something out for the first time. It is too amazing to describe. It brings importance to the small things in life. It can be as meaningless as figuring out how to manuever around the dog poop in the backyard. Whatever the adventure, he meets it head on and without hesitation. Its what we lack as adults. The carefree way of living.

Levi makes me want to slow down and enjoy the small things. Something I never really had a reason to do, until now. Being his mom is the most wonderful experience in the world and an experience it has been! Like Levi, I learn something new about being a mom everyday. It takes patience. More patience than I ever imagined. It takes strength. The strength to hold down a toddler while you wrestle on his diaper or shirt. It takes courage. Courage to stand up and say no to a screaming toddler who wants to play with scissors. It takes a lot of papertowels, batteries, buckets of soapy water and laughter to use them all.

I can hardly wait to see what my afternoon has in store!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So. It's been a long time since my last post. I guess if anyone has an excuse to be too busy to blog it's the mum of an ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD. Yes, my little boy will be two in less than 11 weeks. I am still wondering where the time has gone. For anyone who has ever been held captive by a toddler, you would know why its been so long since my last post.

It seems like everyday Levi is saying something new. Just this morning he told me that he shit his pants. And I am not even kidding. I said to him, "Levi did you poo poo?" To which he replied, "No, mummie. Shit." There is only one person that we have to thank for this and he will go nameless...Dad. (BTW-When Mrs. Smith calls from kindergarten, she's getting your number Dad). When he is not spewing vulgar language, he usually is very cute. He says many things, like "Bless You" when he sneezes. Not when you sneeze, but when he sneezes. He doesn't understand that you don't bless your own sneezes, but its still adorable nonetheless. He says, "No"...a lot. He will repeat pretty much anything you say which is the problem we keep encountering. I couldn't wait for him to talk, now I find myself wishing there were an automatic filter; like they use on the radio. It would bleep out anything you might not want your toddler to hear.

I am not sure when Levi became so opinionated but he certainly takes every chance he can to express his feelings. This morning I toasted some cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast. For those of you that know me, you already know that I had to toast them twice because, of course, I burned the first round. Instead, Levi decided he wanted to have Spaghettios for breakfast. I am not one to force feed the "American Breakfast", so when he was adamant that he wanted Spaghettios for breakfast---in the microwave they went. Forty-Five seconds later, he wouldn't touch them. After 15 minutes of negotiation and 45 seconds in the microwave, he settled for cinnamon raisin toast! I am still scratching my head, wondering how I lost to a toddler---twice in 15 minutes. Perhaps, I should call in for backup.

Hold on...I think I hear him starting the car.